I think I am the only user for now because I’m the only one who dared to make an account, edit my profile (which is not possible anymore because of a bug) and create a topic about suggestions. I kinda feel like I got into off-topic on this thread though…whatever.

Anyway, I lack a lot of informations about your current game, its content and its mechanics (obviously), but have you thought about putting some references to some other games you inspire yourself from or would like to add by love? Many games do that and it’s what makes players from other games happy, a game that shows discreetly some love towards other games whatever if they’re good or bad.

I love development teams who are very open to the community, but on the other side most of them gets recruited by publishers (mostly money hungry ones like the ones I mentioned) and end up in worst case scenarios. Publishing a game by yourself is what I would recommend you the most for now. Independant game developers are the ones I trust the most because they’re often honest and very sociable.