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  • Hello dear devs, I might be the first person here to make a thread as a member of the community.

    So, I have discovered your great looking game (by searching images of pixelated mechs) and I did a little test on the demo. It seems promising IMO and I would like to see how far you can go with this game.
    This is where I and other members of the community will add suggestions to improve the game’s mechanics/report bugs and glitches, etc…

    First of all, the servers are down, so I don’t have much informations to provide yet.

    The best I can hope for now it to see a public release available on the Steam shop soon. The current demo has a critical lack of content, the only thing possible to do in the demo is playing the tutorial with unchangeable controls, dealing with some bugs and an undestructible beacon. I think you should make another demo, the current one is from last year and needs a refresh. Plus, we don’t know much from the game’s development state besides the whole project on paper and the recent blogs on the forums.

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  • Updated the post after some investigations on internet.

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    Hello Dovahkick,

    First of all thank you for taking the time to make suggestions about improvements for the game.

    Whats not to love about google right? Searching pixelated mechs and finding our project. Thats great!

    When it comes to the kickstarter demo it definitely is barebones. It is more a proof of concept rather then the actual game. And after feedback from the Kickstarter community we have been working on ways to improve the game.

    Quoting our last blog post on the website:
    "We took a little time off to recuperate and reflect on what we wanted to achieve with Antraxx, and on returning to development we realized that the game was not in a state we were happy with both functionally and what we had planned. Our demo was cool, but in reality it was just a prototype to see what people thought of the overall idea and most people didn’t seem to like the “mmo” aspect that we had planned. There was also a lot of requests for a single player campaign as well as some multiplayer mode. Some were concerned that if the game was only multi player then the community would be non-existent or die out quickly after launch, and for a small indie team that would be a very difficult thing to prove wrong. I even had people tell me that they didn’t like the game because it was browser based, by doing so we thought that we’d be able to provide the game to more people but there seems to be a stigma associated with browser games and it also comes with many other cross-platform issues of its own.

    We debated all of these ideas between ourselves and finally settled on a solid direction that we love, and think you will too. For about a year we’ve been working on a new engine that will support a fully destructible open world (to say the least), written in C++/OpenGL targeting Windows, Mac and Linux.
    We will have a single player mode now which is our initial primary focus, it will be an isometric action rpg similar to that of Diablo or the original Fallout with a few twists of our own. Our multiplayer mode will not vary much from what was originally planned, however players will now be able to host their own dedicated servers instead of relying entirely on us. More info on this soon, but for now we are focusing on building a solid foundation."

    More here:

    For a while we have been reworking our game its engine and everything is now functioning as it should. Soon, when we have implanted our new reworked graphics we can start showing off video’s and also release new demo materials.

    Thanks again for taking the time to post!

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  • So there’s been a total rework on the game? Getting informations from you is quite hard since there isn’t a lot of fresh links talking about your game.

    But this post you made is kind of a copy-paste, so…uuuuh…

    Anyway, you seem to be a development team as honest and kind as many independant ones. I know one for example that I love in particular but I don’t think it’s necessary to talk about other independant companies or else it would bring some conflicts (maybe not, but we never know). If you haven’t been recruited by a publisher yet, I’d say you’re in a good position. Although, there’s something that I would strictly recommend you to do:

    Do not accept any recruitment from any publisher such as Electronic Arts, 2K Games, Ubisoft, Gameloft, etc…unless you’re sure they’re honest and doesn’t abuse the developed games to milk out money, because otherwhise it would ruin your reputation and in the worst cases kick you from the game’s development (gives me flashbacks…) or close your company. My only exception would be Devolver since they have good games like Mother Russia Bleeds, Enter the Gungeon, Hotline Miami, Reigns and such.

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    Hey Dovahkick, I’m the programmer. Thanks for joining the forums and I’m pretty sure you are the first user too. Welcome!

    We are in the process of updating the website, starting up the forums and stabilizing the demo server. The demo hasn’t been updated in over a year, and is pretty buggy for sure. Our old website, which was live until about a few weeks ago, didn’t have anywhere for us to post updates so we would just speak in our discord channel which you can join here:

    Now we have forums, a blog section and a soon to be revamped website. Once we’re fully setup here we’ll start making some youtube videos again showcasing the game, new engine and development. We have alot to show, much of which hasn’t been done before in isometric games. We’re pretty excited about this but we don’t want to rush anything like we did last year. Our day jobs take up most of our time right now so things are moving slowly, but definitely progressing.

    Funny you mention Devolver, we would love to work with them and have always wanted to. Otherwise we’re going to be self published through Steam. I was considering the Humble Store too but that has just been bought out so we’ll have to see on release.

    Since we’re just two guys developing the game it’s hard to be in full PR mode while still making progress. Also, you can talk about any other projects you want we don’t mind. :)

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  • I think I am the only user for now because I’m the only one who dared to make an account, edit my profile (which is not possible anymore because of a bug) and create a topic about suggestions. I kinda feel like I got into off-topic on this thread though…whatever.

    Anyway, I lack a lot of informations about your current game, its content and its mechanics (obviously), but have you thought about putting some references to some other games you inspire yourself from or would like to add by love? Many games do that and it’s what makes players from other games happy, a game that shows discreetly some love towards other games whatever if they’re good or bad.

    I love development teams who are very open to the community, but on the other side most of them gets recruited by publishers (mostly money hungry ones like the ones I mentioned) and end up in worst case scenarios. Publishing a game by yourself is what I would recommend you the most for now. Independant game developers are the ones I trust the most because they’re often honest and very sociable.

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