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    New to the forum? Introduce yourself here, or don’t. Upto you.

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  • Alright, since I’m the first here, I’ll do so.

    My name is Nathan, usually Dovahkick in other games. I am an 18 years old french student who usually play video games every day.

    I sometimes do pixel arts (thanks to, express myself on the forums and (you guessed it) play video games.

    I prefer to stay mature and avoid beeing too annoying because I don’t like people who feel superior compared to everyone, who are not constructive, mostly who aren’t mature like those in my school, who never take things seriously when someone’s serious, who are hungry for money no matter how much they have, who are selfish, who hurt and don’t have any regret from such…

    On the other side, I’m an autist asperger (and if you don’t know what beeing an autist is, you probably used it as an insult) and I have signs of psychorigidity…and it’s hard for me to believe if it’s true or not.

    I play mostly on computer, my dad owns an Xbox but I don’t use it at all. My computer’s currently an Acer Black edition.

    I play most of the time on Evolve with over 1300 hours played on it and I visit the TRS forums everyday (the community is lovely in it).

    It usually play FPS games, pixelated games, 2d games and car games, but I like many types of games and mostly games who have a lore.

    And this is my steam account:

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    Welcome to the forums and our game project Dovahkick!
    I added you on Steam. who knows - we might play side by side one day!

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